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Dear God. If in the End

Dear God. If in the End

we had no internet
no hot water in the kettle
no books riddled with notes
or bedclothes yellowed by the lamplight

If in the end you were as close to me as I am
to knowing every star,
marking each with naked eye,
reciting cinematic names and vectors

If in the end I’d hauled the wood
you burned for every prostitute
or preacher, every wandering soul
a minstrel in our bed

If in the end my body spelled
the only name that mattered,
and you wouldn’t read it, would not see
your sign in limbs and skin

If in the end our days fell impotent
and soft, no clam’ring mess
in back of us, only a sliding –
only a mouth open, a swallow

I’d curl myself around you
my chin between your shoulder blades,
a pressing: navel, buttocks
thigh to thigh and arm to arm,

a smell of static disavowal
soaking through my robe like ink
and I would say, I love you, love you
washed out, paling into pink.



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toxic  dangerI have held the terror
Which belongs to others
Nor for that, thanks.

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Joshua 6

Let there be complete silence

Not a single word from any of you
until I tell you




from Joshua 6:10, New Living Word
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Joshua 1

I will be with you. I will not
abandon you or fail to help you.

You need only obey
to the letter every law.

Think about these laws
every day and every night.

Be sure to obey all of them.



from Joshua 1:5-8, New Living Word
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Joshua 10

Joshua destroyed the city of Makkedah.
Not one person was left alive.

Then the Israelis went to Libnah.
Every last person was slaughtered.

From Libnah they went to Lachish.
The entire population was slaughtered.

The Israeli army captured Eglon
and killed everyone in the city.

After Eglon they went to Hebron,
slaughtering the entire population.

Then they turned back to Debir,
and they killed everyone.

So Joshua and his army
destroyed everyone in the land,

just as the Lord God had commanded,
slaughtering them.



from Joshua 10:28-41, New Living Word
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