This is a blog for topics that are left off the public table.
Anything that needs to be a little louder, please.
Ideas that have gotten stuck in the cultural throat.

no shhMy interest in shuttered issues (domestic violence, depression, sexual assault, gender inequalities, poverty, etc)  stems mainly from my personal experience with them: watching them wreak havoc and having no recourse. For many years, silence was a Mandate.

Later, as a singer/songwriter, I began performing songs that broke this silence. Some of them were featured in network TV dramas and played on the radio. I was asked to share them at Take Back the Night events and awareness campaigns for domestic violence. In the process, I saw songwriting turn concert halls into compassionate public forums. It made difficult topics approachable, and fashioned communities out of diverse listeners. And it changed the trajectory of my career.

These days, in addition to songwriting and recording, I teach workshops (and university students), blog for a literary journal, and research the impact of literature and creative writing on public life and politics. The goal is to clothe the Mess with words, and get it to speak up. When it does, something eventually gives.

What silences are you keeping? Comment and tell me. (Or just say hello.)

PS here’s a bio, for snappy (if dry) intros.

Tasha Golden is the frontwoman and songwriter for the critically-acclaimed band Ellery. Her songs have been heard in major motion pictures, TV dramas, radio in the US & the UK, and Starbucks stores throughout the country, and her albums have been featured in national publications such as Paste Magazine and M Music. Her poetry and prose have been seen or are forthcoming in New Humanist (Asia), Pleiades Literary Journal, Gambling the Aisle, Luvah Journal, American Atheist, and Patrol Magazine. She’s a regular blogger for Ploughshares Literary Magazine, where her posts are among the most-viewed and most-shared, and have been featured by Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish. She tweets @goldenthis

20's dancing chat noir

— Non-Bio Facts —
I speak in French to my deux chats noirs, who are completely unimpressed with this. You can hear a French song about them here.
I kept a journal when I was 9. I’m not afraid to say it’s hilarious. Catch the grammar school drama – and rampant religio-political propaganda – here. (More is coming.)
In closing: Should I encounter it, and should it be amenable to it, and perhaps even if it is not, I will pet your cat.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Tasha says:

      Hello Hannah, This is so lovely of you — Thank you for reading “Louder Please”, and for thinking of me!
      Much love —

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