The time I wrote a sultry french song about cats.

L'Histoire-colorSince everyone knows that les chats noirs are french, it will come as no surprise that, upon adopting two chats noirs, I spoke to them primarily in French. They have failed to appear impressed by this, responding chiefly to effusive praise in whatever language. Elles sont des chats, après tout.

Still, when my partner Justin composed a tune last year that clearly needed French lyrics, what I sang was a sultry little tune in praise of les mademoiselles. I was inclined to apologize for this, until the song became a crowd favorite. (In my beyond-blog life, I’m a singer/songwriter.) Which is why the song’s released now, with all its Black-Cat Love. (Cheers, you great crowds, you.)

So, presenting – for Halloween 2013 – a song about black cats.

Get your french on, pet a cat, and eat candy. You’re welcome. 

Here’s to les chats, de toutes les couleurs.

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